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  • May 23
    Digging into history

    Nash, an associate professor of integrated science and technology who specializes in archaeology, has been looking . . .

  • May 17
    Jumping right in

    Initially, the program was intended to be a domestic study abroad in Florida where there are high immigrant and refugee populations. After . . .

  • May 16
    Paying it forward

    Alumna Anne Collins shares reasons high-achieving students are attracted to JMU.

  • May 11
    Connecting the arts...

    The abstract work, which sits vertically against the wall, features images that remind viewers of . . .

  • May 11
    A fine balance

    Biology professor Mark Gabriele ('95) shares the far-reaching effects of the student-athlete experience.

  • May 10
    A Madison Experience...

    Cliff Wood ('88) is proof the Madison Experience doesn't end at graduation.

  • May 5
    JMU Celebrates Class...

    Over the weekend, JMU graduated 4,365 students. On Thursday, 597 graduate candidates were celebrated at the Graduate School commencement ceremony. A total of 3, 768 undergraduates then became JMU alumni at Friday's

  • May 1
    JMU to honor May...

    Commencement ceremonies planned for May 4-6. Arthur Moats ('12), Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, will serve as guest speaker.

  • May 1
    Undergrads shine in H4D

    What¿s the best way to take down drones targeting U.S. military personnel operating in a city full of buildings where danger . . .

  • May 1
    Students get the scoop...

    Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker and commencement speaker, Arthur Moats, spoke with The Daily Duke about his career and his excitement for commencement.

  • Apr 30
    CoB Students Earn...

    Three CoB students represented JMU in the International Business Ethics Case Competition, winning group and individual recognitions.

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